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Youth 6 -16 years old,  are able to have one-on-one sessions with Coach Elijah Seawright.  These sessions must be scheduled and are charged per session.  

Mentoring Session

Coach Elijah will mentor and train your youth.  His desire is to be an example and an outlet for youth who are going through the growing stages all youth will encounter.  

Elijah is a trained professional boxer and will gladly walk them through proper boxing techniques that will help build their confidence, strength, and discipline.  

Elijah has a heart for the youth and know many of them are dealing with different types of struggles and want them to know that they matter.  No matter what adversities they face, there will be a time when they will come out of it and he wants to walk with them through that time.  

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Each session is $20 and are scheduled at our booking site, link below.